Konrad Reszka

Beware programmers carrying screwdrivers.


Beneath this fine sexy exterior beats the heart of a true scientist.
-Professor Harry Black, Evolution

By day I'm a network engineer, building solutions for enterprise and service provider customers worldwide.

But by night I try to branch out a bit more. Software development for iPhones and iPads and website design make me stare at a monitor for a bit too long. That's when I pick up my trusty camera and start snapping pictures: Landscapes, maternity, engagement, weddings, or just some candid portraits.

All that led me back to what I thought I was going to do way back in high school: make movies. I was given the opportunity to shoot a "how it's made" video for a local brewery and was reminded of the same magic that had me hooked years ago.


Apple iOS

It all starts with Objective C.

Add a navigation controller, a sprinkle of table controllers, a database, a dash of singletons and you've got yourself an app going!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects.


HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript are a powerful combination.

Many fields can benefit from organizing and making available data online. There are still many markets just waiting to come online and not only simplify workloads but create a better customer experience.


I don't have the best of luck with Android devices, but I finally picked up Android Studio and gave it a go. It has a few drawbacks but also a few benefits over XCode. Still a lot to learn!

With a Mogo G4 in hand, I can finally write apps for the rest of the world!


It's only a tiny portion of the world of IoT, but I recently got an Arduino micro-controller!

Let's see what we can make with some wires, sensors, and magic smoke.




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