iOS Charts in Objective C Part 1

I started using the Charts library for an iOS project and it has proven to be very flexible. It's based on the android library MPAndroidChart. There are a number of Java and Swift resources out there but I have not come across a basic tutorial for how to use this awesome charting library in good old fashioned Objective C.

1. Download the Charts library from Github. After unzipping the contents, open the "Charts" folder inside and drag the Charts.xcodeproject into to your own project. 2. Under the General settings for your project, scroll to the bottom and add the Charts embedded framework. 3. The latest version of Charts is written in Swift. But because we're writing in Objective C, we need to have a "bridging header" in order to be able to utilize the swift code. Fortunately this header can be created automatically. Add a new file to your project, make it of type Swift. Doesn't matter what name you give it. XCode should ask you if you would like for it to create a bridging header for you. Let it. 4. You are now ready to import the library and bridging header into your view controller. That's it! Your project is now ready to use iOS Charts, which we'll continue in Part 2.